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The Kia XCeed GT-Line S Gets a Makeover: Here’s What YouNeed to Know

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Kia XCeed GT-Line

Since its launch in 2019, the Kia XCeed GT-Line has grown into one of the brand’s most well-liked cars, selling over 120,000 units. The XCeed is a crossover SUV with the stylish looks of a hatchback and the functional features of an SUV. Due to the XCeed’s success, Kia recently introduced an upgraded model with a fresh look and updated techniques.
The top-of-the-line Kia XCeed GT-Line S, which is featured in this article, will be examined in more detail. We’ll talk about the enhanced technology and new design elements, as well as provide our initial thoughts on the vehicle following a test drive.

Kia XCeed GT-Line Interior & Exterior

Kia XCeed GT-Line

The front of the redesigned XCeed has undergone the most significant design alterations. A larger grille with a new mesh pattern that runs farther down the front of the automobile is a characteristic of the updated design. In order to give the car a more contemporary appearance, the headlights have also been changed with a new LED daytime running light design. The XCeed’s new LED taillights, which are sleeker than the previous design, are located at the rear of the vehicle. With a new design that provides the car a sportier appearance, the rear bumper has also been changed. Overall, the XCeed now has a more assertive and dynamic appearance, which is appropriate for a vehicle advertised as a crossover SUV.


Kia XCeed GT-Line

The redesigned XCeed includes new technologies in addition to alterations to the exterior look. The addition of a new 10.25-inch capacitive display, which replaces the 8-inch display, is the most noticeable change. The new display is quicker and user-friendly, and it has a Multiple screens function that lets the driver monitor multiple tasks at once.

The XCeed also has Kia’s most recent UVO Connect technology, which enables users to access a number of capabilities and features via a smartphone. Climate control, door lock-and-unlock, and remote start-andstop are part of this. In addition to providing real-time traffic and weather updates, the UVO Connect system additionally provides details about nearby sights.


Other technological advancements include a new digital instrument cluster that offers a variety of driving data, such as speed, fuel efficiency, and navigation instructions. A new inbuilt JBL premium sound system that delivers high-quality audio throughout the interior and a new wireless phone charger that is more advanced than the previous one is also included in the XCeed.

Driving Experience

We can claim that the modifications have made a considerable difference after driving the Kia XCeed GT-Line S. As befits a vehicle advertised as a crossover SUV with a coupe-like shape, the new design revisions offer the vehicle a more athletic and aggressive aspect. The new 10.25-inch touch screen display and UVO Connect system are particularly welcome updates
to the technology.

The XCeed performs admirably when being driven, offering a smooth and pleasant ride. A solid balance between comfort and sportiness is provided by the suspension, which has been fine-tuned. With 138 horsepower and 178 pound-feet of torque, the 1.4-liter turbocharged engine has plenty of power. The engine is connected to a quick-shifting, seven-speed dual clutch gearbox.

Along with other safety systems, the XCeed provides lane change alerts, automatic emergency braking, and front accident warning. The XCeed is a safe and secure choice for passengers and families together thanks to these features, which add to its level of security and reliability.

Kia XCeed GT-Line Specification

PriceUSD 37,600
Engine1.5-litre, 4cyl turbo petrol
Power/torque187bhp/151lb ft
Transmission6-speed manual, front-wheel-drive
0-62mph8.7 seconds
Top speed129mph


Those who want a crossover SUV with an attractive and dynamic exterior must think about the Kia XCeed GT-Line S. The advanced technology and the new design modifications give the car a more stylish and flexible look. With a pleasant ride and different types of driving assistance that give extra security, the XCeed performs excellently on the road. For anyone looking for a crossover SUV, the XCeed is a fantastic option overall.

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