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Mazda Is Getting Nearer To Developing A New Rotary Sports Car

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Mazda Iconic SP

Mazda enthusiasts and sports car aficionados alike have reason to celebrate as Mazda is reportedly making strides towards the development of a new rotary sports car. The iconic rotary engine, which has been absent from Mazda’s lineup since the discontinuation of the RX-8 in 2012, may soon make a comeback.

The Revival of the Rotary Engine

Mazda’s rotary engine, also known as the Wankel engine, has a cult following due to its unique design and high-revving performance. While Mazda has never completely abandoned the idea of reintroducing the rotary engine, challenges such as fuel efficiency and emissions standards have posed significant hurdles.

However, recent reports indicate that Mazda is actively working on overcoming these obstacles. The company has been investing in research and development to address the inherent issues of the rotary engine, particularly focusing on improving fuel efficiency and reducing emissions.

Embracing Electrification

In line with the global shift towards electrification, Mazda is exploring the possibility of combining the rotary engine with electric motors in a hybrid powertrain. This approach not only has the potential to enhance performance but also addresses the concerns regarding fuel economy and emissions.


By leveraging the instantaneous torque of electric motors and the high-revving nature of the rotary engine, Mazda aims to create a unique driving experience that embodies the spirit of its iconic sports cars.

Vision for the Future

While details about the new rotary sports car remain scarce, Mazda has expressed its commitment to delivering a vehicle that stays true to its heritage while embracing modern technologies. The company’s vision for the new sports car is to capture the hearts of driving enthusiasts and reignite the excitement surrounding the rotary engine.

Mazda’s dedication to innovation and pushing the boundaries of conventional automotive engineering sets the stage for an eagerly anticipated revival of the rotary sports car.

Anticipated Enthusiast Response

The potential resurgence of the rotary sports car has sparked immense anticipation within the automotive community. Enthusiasts and fans of Mazda’s performance heritage are eagerly awaiting further developments and announcements regarding the new sports car.

With Mazda’s reputation for crafting engaging and dynamic driving experiences, the prospect of a new rotary-powered sports car has the potential to capture the imagination of automotive enthusiasts worldwide.

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